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Marchman Act—Court Ordered Substance Abuse Treatment

The Marchman Act Statute allows for family members or friends who have knowledge of one’s substance abuse to petition the Court for a Court Order to undergo an assessment and stabilization within a five day period.

The Marchman Act Statute then allows for a petition to the Court for Court-Ordered substance abuse treatment. The petition is based on an assessment completed by a qualified clinician. Upon review, the Court can find involuntary treatment is necessary for substance abuse impaired individuals who do not have the ability to make rational decisions about their addiction or treatment, who also lack control over their substance abuse, and who pose a threat to themselves or others.  The Court Order for involuntary substance abuse treatment can be for up to a period of ninety days. If needed, our firm will also pursue petitions to renew treatment orders beyond the ninety day period since we understand the severity of substance abuse addiction and the long recovery process.

Given our firm’s focus on the practice of criminal law, we are fully versed in the prosecution of indirect civil contempt and indirect criminal contempt charges if needed in order to help save substance impaired individuals from risk of further harm to themselves or others.  Our goal is to facilitate one’s wellness toward recovery.

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