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Eisenberg & Fouts, P.A. is pleased to announce the addition of two new partners to the firm, Christopher R. Jette and Jason L. Naparstek, formerly of the Law Offices of Goldstein & Jette, P.A. We are also happy to welcome Stephanie White and Kaitlin Teachman as executive support staff to the firm.

The addition of Mr. Jette is a welcome expansion of the legal services our firm will provide in addition to our criminal trial and appellate practice. Mr. Jette is a talented and highly regarded attorney bringing vast Marital and Family Law trial experience in complex family law matters based on outstanding results achieved for his clients over the past twenty years. Mr. Jette is committed to providing the highest quality of representation to his clients regarding their most sensitive of legal matters. Mr. Naparstek, also a Marital and Family Law attorney for over ten years, brings great commitment in guiding Marital and Family Law clients based on the shared philosophy of providing an insightful team approach, engaging valuation experts, forensic accountants and other experts when appropriate.

The entire firm of Eisenberg & Fouts, P.A. will rely on our experience, creativity and commitment to our clients’ needs, which has long been a hallmark of our firm in both Criminal Trial and Appellate Law as well as Marital and Family Law. We are dedicated to providing thoughtful, practical solutions to the complex problems faced by our clients, with the same devotion to the excellent personal and timely service clients expect from their attorneys.

Eisenberg & Fouts, P.A. is excited about this new expansion and hope you will join us in celebrating this new milestone.

Our attorneys, Kai Li Aloe Fouts, Christopher R. Jette, Jason L. Naparstek, and James L. Eisenberg, Of Counsel, are committed to providing proactive representation for each of our clients. We draw upon our vast experience and numerous resources in order to provide each client with comprehensive representation. We strive to provide quality and professional legal representation while maintaining good client communication and accessibility. As attorneys, we take our cases seriously, and we respond promptly to our clients as well as respect our clients’ confidences. We believe being a zealous advocate means negotiating on behalf of our clients towards favorable settlements when possible, but also being fully prepared for litigation when necessary.

Eisenberg & Fouts, P.A.
Eisenberg & Fouts, P.A.
Eisenberg & Fouts, P.A.